Why is it so hard to find a Porterhouse steak at the butcher, and why is it so rare on a menu, even at a steakhouse? As with most things, it comes down to economics. Because it has both the prime cuts, the New York strip and the tenderloin, it is more profitable for meat cutters to sell each cut separately.

They are expensive – in fact, you can only get two true Porterhouse steaks from each side of beef. So we thought we would make a bit of a “project” out of bringing back this classic chop. We have asked our butcher to cut for us custom Porterhouse steaks, from our own grass finished Alberta beef.




Open Range is proud to support local farmers and suppliers. We always try to source our food from nearby areas whenever possible.

Some of our suppliers include:

  • Lyalta Gardens

  • Farmer Cliff

  • Highwood Crossing Farm

  • Broxburn Farms

  • Noble Farms

  • Gull Valley Greenhouses

  • Brassica Mustard

  • Broek Acres

  • Sidewalk Citizen Bakery