New Website & New Goals

We have started the New Year off with a redesign of the website!

Fresh new look, but still maintaining the same values that our customers have come to appreciate over the years. We will continue to support local farmers and source from local suppliers whenever possible and ensure that our team continues to provide a full dining experience to our patrons when they walk through our doors.

As for new goals, we strive to become Calgary's most well-known steakhouse. We want to be known for providing quality of food that you cannot find anywhere else, for having knowledgable staff that will always provide the ideal drink pairing for your meal, and known for giving our customers the full experience on their special occasion, whether it be anniversary, birthday or wedding.

How will we accomplish this goal you ask?

It starts with the team. In this new year, we are working hard to foster an attitude of family within our team. We work hard to make all members of our team feel appreciated and make them feel like working at Open Range is fun. Hopefully this attitude will carry forward to the tables they serve, ultimately benefiting you, the customer, as well.

This last point is where our guests play a huge role. Reviews. We rely heavily on word-of-mouth and positive feedback to bring in new customers. Our staff take our google reviews very seriously. Any time there is a negative review posted on any web platform, we discuss it as a team and talk about how we can prevent it for the future. 

If you have had a great dining experience or want to share your memories with us, we encourage you to leave us a google review, or tag us in your instagram photos. We want to engage with our patrons and make them apart of our family!

Thank you,

From the team at Open Range